Compliance Office

1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Office of Equal Opportunity

Phone: 505-277-0169

Policies & Publications

There are various UNM written policies and publications that provide operational guidelines pertaining to Compliance.

University of New Mexico

Regents Policies
This Manual sets forth policies adopted by the Board of Regents for the governance of the University of New Mexico. The Manual has been prepared as a guide for the Board of Regents in carrying out its constitutional responsibility for the control and management of the University of New Mexico and as a source of information for others concerning the fundamental policies of the University and the operational procedures of the Board. (UNM Policy Office, Regents’ Policies, Purpose and Scope of the Manual)

University Administrative Policies 
This University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (UAPPM) is published by the UNM Policy Office and serves as the official reference source for institutional policies and procedures. It is intended to be a "Users Guide" to assist those persons in the various organizations of the University responsible for carrying out the administrative functions of their organizations. (UNM Policy Office, University Administrative Policies, Preface)

UNM Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Handbook provides the University of New Mexico (UNM) faculty with a written record of faculty policies and procedures. (UNM Faculty Handbook, Preface)

The Pathfinder - UNM Student Handbook
The Pathfinder - UNM Student Handbook - composed of two sections (Campus Services and Campus Policies)