Ethics Task Force

Charge to the President’s Task Force on Institutional Ethics and Integrity

Thank you for agreeing to serve as members of the President’s Task Force on Institutional Ethics and Integrity. Your expertise and background provides important perspectives for this important task force.

1. General Charge

The President's Task Force on Institutional Ethics and Integrity will formulate a campus-wide proposal of ethics-related initiatives, training, and best practices with the goal of creating and maintaining an ethically inspired environment at UNM based on strong moral conduct and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and guidance. 

The Task Force will initially serve as an advisory committee for the President on present and future issues concerning the University’s ethical culture, values, and decision-making practices.

2. Specific Duties

The task force shall:

  1. Conduct literature and research reviews to identify best practices for creating a campus culture that upholds the mission and values of the university and encourages ethical and professional behavior.
  2. Review current university policies and procedures regarding ethics, professional boundaries and conduct, conflicts of interest and reporting mechanisms and possibly recommend changes, amendments or creation of new policies or procedures.
  3. Determine whether sub-committees should be created to focus on specific topic areas (i.e. academics, finance, diversity, student, fair dealing and respect for others).
  4. Explore offering Ethics training for all employees or subsets of employees and identify online and live options.
  5. Prepare a final proposal/report regarding its findings.

3. Task Force Composition

The task force shall be composed of 16 faculty, staff, students, shared governance leaders, representatives of the Institutional Compliance Committee and public members. The task force will meet as often as deemed necessary but no less than six times in the next academic year. Meetings can occur in person or via conference call. The named task force will serve for one academic year and will meet with the President 2-3 times per year. The President will fill vacancies or reconstitute the task force as necessary.

The named task force includes:

  • Francie Cordova, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Blaine Moffatt, Compliance Coordinator
  • Josh Kastenberg, School of Law
  • Representative from Faculty Senate – Steve Bishop
  • Representative from Staff Council – Lisa Beachene-Lawson
  • Representative from ASUNM – Xavier Torres
  • Representative from GPSA – Muhammad Afzaal Hussain
  • Representative from Student Law – Jessica Martinez
  • Patrick Hart, Office of University Counsel
  • Marleen Martinez, Human Resources
  • Sarah Smith, Anderson School of Management
  • Victor Griego, Internal Audit
  • Ana Tomlinson, Research Compliance
  • Arthur Culpepper, HSC Compliance
  • Eric Schultz, Athletics Department
  • Bill Slease, Community Member

4. Staff Support:

Abra Altman, President’s Office